Life Begins@Sixty                                    Women seeking a lifetime of health and total wellness can find answers in Life Begins@Sixty, a fitness and exercise book written from the viewpoint of an "older" woman, by an "older" woman, former fitness trainer Joan Frentz. What does it mean to be and stay physically fit? What do you need to know? What you need to do? The 236-page book covers the physiology of women and exercise, why do we have to exercise, what do we need to do, what are our choices, and what should we expect—all these questions are discussed in an easy, understandable fashion. References are made to various studies and quotes and tidbits from a variety of prominent professionals involved in health and fitness.    “When I wrote “life Begins@Sixty my life felt like it had come full circle.  Diagnosed in my 20s with having arthritis, Joan suffered for years with discomfort and pain in her hands, feet, neck, spine, and the debilitating effects of severe bursitis in her hip joints.   I credit exercise for enabling me to lead a physically active lifestyle for years free of pain. "Exercise, exercise, and exercise" slow and easy, never giving in to the discomfort, getting to know my body, becoming my own best advocate has made the difference.   Upon moving to California, and supposedly retired, I originally combined my earlier dance experience and knowledge of dance and exercise to create a physical fitness training program specifically designed for the “older” woman. I received a certificate as a personal trainer and taught at a neighborhood fitness center and clients homes. When there wasn’t much information available in “why exercise?” I wrote a general fitness column for a local weekly newspaper eventually leading to the writing and publishing of “Life Begins@Sixty.” Today approaching eighty, my book has shown me and others how to maintain a physically fit body and active lifestyle. "Getting old is not a matter of   age but a lack of movement."                          - Joan Frentz   



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